Modifications to SLANDERS.LIE

These are the changes I made to the slanders file in Machiavelli: The Prince with my reasoning behind each, and some other comments besides.  I'd suggest using this to help you decide which file you want to use and what modifications you may want to make to personalize your copy of the game.  This is specifically for Machiavelli: the Prince.  The Merchant Prince games have similar SLANDERS.LIE files, which I assume can be modded similarly and which I would expect to have the same kind of length limitations mentioned in the Machiavelli manual—but I haven't tested them.

 Original Mod (if changed) Comments
is a rot-eating bastard!  
is an eater of worms! ew!
practices sorcery!  
is an amoral cad!is the son of a bachelor.I thought this was a little classier.
sleeps with servants!  
spreads vicious lies! Pot calling the kettle black, methinks.
is a heathen scoundrel!  
is a reckless libertine!  
SUCKS! This one's just cool.
is a REAL pocket fisherman!  
LIKES to wear tights. Now that's below the belt.
has a nasty, fishlike smell.  
would sell his Ma for a Fl.would sell his Ma for a Florin.Can't think of a reason not to spell out "Florin"—there's room.
coins slanders like a mint.  
is the son of siblings!  
is an instrument of Eeevil!  
is a pestilent knave!  
is subtle and treacherous! Aren't we all?
is a pickel a pickle brain.What's a "pickel"?
is a botchers apprentice!is a botcher's apprentice!Hello—apostrophe—it's possessive, not plural.
is a pagan Heretic!  
a muddy mettled a muddy mettled rascal.Verbs, anyone?
is gross and fat as butter.  
is heir to a mongrel bitch!  
thinks the world is ROUND!thinks the world is FLAT!Educated people through the Middle Ages and Renaissance knew the world was round—that was well known since the Ancient Greeks.  The mistake people made before Copernicus was thinking that the Sun went around the Earth.
is a WITCH! BURN'EM!is a WITCH! BURN 'IM!'EM = Them.  'IM = Him.  'Nuff said.
has hairy palms.  
is a big goof!  
is a bubou on a yak's ass!is a buboe on a yak's ass! If you're going to use a silly-ass insult, at least spell it right.
bathes regularly! This one is historically accurate (vs. "world is ROUND" above)—though for the Age of Exploration, not the Middle Ages.  Medieval people actually did bathe often.
stuffs his codpiece!  
is TOO friendly with animals.  
is a Momma's boy.steals sheep for immoral purposes.I wanted to say "questionable purposes", but there wasn't room.
traffics with Lawyers!  
is a Genoese bastard.  
plots betrayal with Turks!  
traffics with the Deviiil!  
has the manners of a Viking!  
drinks canal water!is a cursed teetotaler!What's the thing with canal water, anyway?
is a harlot's son!