Modifications to City Names

City NameOld NameComments
MarseillesMarsiellesSpelled "ie" instead of "ei" it would be pronounced "mar-see", not "mar-say"
KhanbaliqKahnbalighThis is the current spelling (see Wikipedia article); the one in the game is just goofy and wouldn't be pronounced right
MoluccaMollucaThis is more phonetic: sounds like "moluhcca" with a soft "u", not "molooka"
XiangrilaXiangralaI assume this was an attempt at rendering Shangri-la in Pinyin rather than Wade-Giles transliteration; anyway I think it's better with an "i" instead of an "a"
Chao ChiChiaohchiChao Chi is an old Chinese name for Dai Viet (northern Vietnam)
AnxiAnXiThere's no reason I know of to capitalize the X

I also thought about changing Calcuta to Calcutta, but when I did that, it would always chop the name to Calcutt.  I think the program is set to look for a certain number of letters, so it cuts off any more than are in the original name.  The name of the place is really Kolkata (which is making a comeback now and would have the right number of characters), but I left it at Calcuta because that seems to fit the spirit of the game better.  The explorers would, after all, have brought back an anglicized (or in this case italicized) rendition of the city's name.  Also be aware that inside a city, it can only display the first 9 characters of the city's name: so Marseilles will show as Marseille, for instance.