Here is the Technology Transfer chart that was left out of the game.

 Program Safety Factor Bonuses
Mercury at 75% Gemini: 20%Apollo: 20%Jupiter: 10%
Gemini at 75%Mercury: 40% Apollo: 30%Jupiter: 15%
Apollo at 75%Mercury: 40%Gemini: 40% Jupiter: 25%
Jupiter at 75%Mercury: 40%Gemini: 40%Apollo: 40% 
  Multiple Programs
 ProgramsSafety Factor Bonus
Mercury & Gemini at 75%Apollo: 40%
Mercury & Eagle at 75%Jupiter: 35%
Mercury & Cricket at 75%Jupiter: 35%
Gemini & Eagle at 75%Jupiter: 35%
Gemini & Cricket at 75%Jupiter: 35%
Apollo & Eagle at 75%Jupiter: 35%
Apollo & Cricket at 75%Jupiter: 35%

 Program Safety Factor Bonuses
Atlas at 75%--Titan: 25%Saturn V: 15%Nova: 10%Boosters: 30%
Titan at 75%Atlas: 35%--Saturn V: 35%Nova: 25%Boosters: 30%
Saturn V at 75%Atlas: 35%Titan: 40%--Nova: 25%Boosters: 30%
Nova at 75%Atlas: 35%Titan: 40%Saturn V: 35%--Boosters: 30%
Boosters at 75%Atlas: 35%Titan: 25%Saturn V: 15%Nova: 10%--
  Multiple Programs
 Programs Safety Factor Bonuses
Atlas & Titan at 75% Saturn V: 60%Nova: 35%
Atlas & Saturn V at 75%Titan: 65% Nova: 35%
Atlas & Nova at 75%Titan: 65%Saturn V: 60% 
Boosters & Saturn V at 75%Titan: 65% Nova: 35%
Boosters & Nova at 75%Titan: 65%Saturn V: 60% 

 Program Safety Factor Bonuses
Explorer at 75% Ranger: 45%Surveyor: 45%
Ranger at 75%Explorer: 50% Surveyor: 50%
Surveyor at 75%Explorer: 50%Ranger: 50% 

SOURCE: the readme file (UPDATE.TXT) in the third patch for the floppy version, v.1.01.