Book cover for ''BARIS in Japanese''

"Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space" in Japanese!

I think it was Michael McCarty who found this gem and brought it to my attention in December 2013.  Who knew the game was translated into another language--and one with a completely different alphabet, at that?  My sister-in-law speaks Japanese, and she translated this for me as follows:
The theatrical US-Russian space development race reenacted!
Frontier spirits to space...
Space development simulated under supervision of Buzz Aldrin who took man's first step on the moon along with Captain Armstrong. The final goal is to land man on the moon and safely bring them back.
"Before the 1960s are over, the US should will be able to land man on the moon and safely bring them back." The US & Russian battle to the moon was started by President Kennedy's speech on 5/25/61.

In 2021, I found another link with more pictures!  This is pretty cool—of course, only BARIS is available in Japanese, not the later Race Into Space.