Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space
System Specifications:


  • MS-DOS 5.0 or later Windows 95/98 *Not Compatible with Windows XP or 2000*

  • Installation Instructions:

    Default Install Directory:

    1. (CD Version) - C:\BARIS
    2. (DISK Version) - C:\BUZZ
    To Install Game:
    DOS Installation - This game requires at least 570KB of RAM free and about 16MB of hard drive space.

    Diskette Version -

    1. Insert the Startup Disk into drive A: (or B:)
    2. Type A: (or B:) and then hit the ENTER key.
    3. Type INSTALL and then the hit ENTER key.
    Windows 95 Installation -
    1. Click on START.
    2. Click on SHUTDOWN.
    4. Follow instructions above for installing with the DOS installation.

    To Start Game:
    In DOS -

    1. Type C: (or appropriate hard drive) and then hit the ENTER key.
    2. Type CD\BUZZ and then hit the ENTER key.
    3. Type BUZZ and then hit the ENTER key.
    In Windows 95 -
    1. Click on START.
    2. Click on SHUTDOWN.
    4. Follow instructions above for starting with the game in DOS.

    The first time you run Buzz, it will ask you about your computer configuration. If you wish to change your configuration you will need to run Setup.
    To Reconfigure -

    1. Type CD\BUZZ and then the ENTER key.
    2. Type SETUP and then the ENTER key.

    Common Problems and Fixes:

    If you are running DOS Games In MS-DOS Mode and having problems, please visit our DOS Games Troubleshooting page.

    1. Problem: CD version only - The movies will lock up or not display properly. Solution: Do not run QEMM in Stealth mode.

    2. Problem: Can't find or R&D the docking module. Solution: The safety factor on the docking module can only be improved by usage. Because of this, it will not appear in the R&D section.

    3. Problem: Installation program stops after disk #1. Solution: Possible device driver conflict. Boot system clean without any device drivers or TSR's and re-install. NOTE: New Point trackball driver is known to cause problems.

    4. Problem: Screen blanks out between seasons. Solution: This is a problem with revision 1.00A floppy version. An astronaut has died in training. The game is supposed to display a screen shot when this happens, but instead it puts up a black screen. To continue the game type İontinue, (Y)es, and (N)o or any combination of these keys. Upgrade to revision 1.00B.

    5. Problem: Hard disk runs out of space during installation. Solution: Installation program needs 22 megabytes to install game. Once game is installed, it uses only 16 megabytes.

    6. Problem: Game won't run correctly on 486DX 50 machines with a ET4000 display card installed. Solution: Slow ISA bus speed down to 4 MHZ. There can be problems running at 6 MHZ.

    Patches: - 244K
    Patch 1