First a disclaimer: I have done it under very specific conditions. It may not always work for everybody!

I assume you're playing the floopy disk version of BARIS. I don't think its version matters.

I also assume you're using DOSBox. You must be able to switch between BARIS and your desktop.

You'll need a program called ArtMoney. I'm writing this tutorial for "ArtMoney SE 7.21". It was developed by a Russian but it is written in understandable English. [1.3MB] (sourced from
(Alternative Download)

Download "artmoney722eng.exe" and install the program. It is relatively straight-forward and virus free. If you need help, ask your more computer-literate kids/spouse/friends.

Once "ArtMoney" is installed, start the game of BARIS in windowed mode. Choose your side USA/USSR, difficulty, director name etc etc.

Start the game, click through your first news clip announcing you as the new director/chief designer.

Note your current funds avaliable.

Switch back to your desktop. Start "ArtMoney". Click the little OK on the bottom right on the nag screen. You're now in ArtMoney.

First thing is to look for "Select Process" near the top of your screen (3rd row down). Select "DOSBOX:BARIS" or whatever you think corresponds to your BARIS game.

Click the 'Search' button and enter the current amount of MB (funding avaliable in your BARIS game). The search will take about 2 minutes. A couple of memory addresses (strings of letters and numbers) will pop up on the left pane.

Hang in there. We're almost done!

Go back to BARIS, make any purhcase. I suggest a first generation booster like the Atlas or A-series. Note the amount of money you got left. Switch back to ArtMoney.

Click the 'filter' button next to 'search'. Now type in your new amount in the BARIS game. Click 'Okay'.

There should be only 1 memory address left on the big tall white pane. This is the place on the computer's memory that remember how much BARIS money you got in your game.

If there is more than 1 address; try repeating the procedure by doing something that spends a small amount of game money. Try using 5 research teams on your first-generation rocket. Filter again with your new amount of remaining cash.

Click on the lone address. It will be copied over to the big white pane on the right.

Good. Now click on the number underneath "value" and change it to whatever you please. I find that amounts greater than 999MB are not retained at end of each turn.

When you go back to BARIS. You new cash amount will be 999MB! Voila!

Brought to us by RCS1 at TheSpaceRace Forum