Patches for the Floppy version of BARIS

There were three updates for the floppy version of the game: 1.00a, 1.00b, and 1.01.  At the time I wrote my guide (BARISTips) and put this site together, I had no idea there was more than one patch!  I was running 1.00b until I bought a copy of the CD version.  So when you read BARISTips, be aware that when I refer to the floppy version, I'm talking about v.1.00b. Version 1.01 fixed some bugs that made the game harder than it should have been, so part of my frustration at the time was simply from running an older version of the game!

That said, here are links to download the two later versions.  I include v.1.00b for historical reasons; for day-to-day purposes I can't think of a reason to play anything earlier than v.1.01.  I would offer v.1.00a as well, but I haven't been able to find it anywhere.  If you have a copy of that version, I'd be glad to add it here.

1.00aAdded UNDO button to Hardware Purchase screens, fixed a fade-to-black issue on one of the news screens.
1.00bReduced the game's size on the hard drive, fixed another fade-to-black issue in a news screen.
1.01Added full Gravis support, fixed some issues with missions recording inaccurate values for various records.  Also made some important changes to gameplay.  Previously, the game had calculated mission penalties double per step; this patch fixes that.  Also, catastrophic failures involving mission deaths used to drop hardware to its initial safety factor; now it reduces it by 50% (though the change only affects human players at level 1).