Book cover for ''The Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space Companion''

The Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space Companion

The Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space Companion is a 350-page book published in 1993 shortly after BARIS itself came out on CD.  Back then it was considered the source for answers to questions about the game.  The first half of the book gives a history of the Space Race, including the Soviet as well as US program, and including information on a number of proposals and programs that never went to production, including the Dyna-Soar and a stripped-down, open-cockpit lunar lander.

The second half gives pointers on how to run your space program, how to manage your buildings and 'nauts, a complete list of the random events in the game, and the history of the development of BARIS and its precursor, the board game "Liftoff!".  It also has a chapter called "Winning Strategies" containing four colorfully-written strategies presented by individual contributors.  The strategies are: For having only four examples, it does a great job of covering the different ways to get to the Moon.  The only strategy that really isn't included at all is the historical Apollo/Soyuz approach, which might be the best to leave out anyway since it's the most standard approach.
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If you'd like more information about this book, send me an email.  If you're interested enough to buy a copy, there's a number of places online where you can still find used copies, such as  You may have to hunt around a bit to find it, though.