Penguin Species

left to right: adélie, gentoo, chinstrap

As you might expect, there are many different varieties of penguins.  Just how many species there are depends on whom you ask, but a lot of sources say there are 17.  The different species are divided into six genuses.  I'm no biologist, so I can't speak with any kind of authority on how many species there are--but for purposes of this page, I'll go with the figure of 17, and add some qualifying notes.

One of many good online sources of information on the different species of penguins is

The northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula is brushtail territory, so all the penguins we saw were brushtails.  The one exception was the macaroni penguin we spotted on Deception Island.  Because they're the ones we saw, I've listed the brushtails first.

Pygoscelis -- Brushtail Penguins  (3 species)

Aptenodytes -- The Great Penguins  (2 species)

Eudyptes -- Crested Penguins  (4 to 6 species)

Spheniscus -- Striped Penguins  (4 species)

Eudyptula -- The Little Penguins  (1 to 2 species)

Megadyptes -- "Great Diver" Penguins  (1 species)