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Welcome to my main site.  This page isn't really about anything to speak of; it's more of a unifying "meta" page that my other sites come back to.

I have a lot more interests than just the subjects of these little pages, of course.  These are just what I felt motivated to write about.

And me?  I'm an IT worker for the State of California, with a wife and two beautiful kids.  I'm a bit over 50 and remember when personal computers first really took off—our first computer was an original IBM PC, with 64KB of RAM (yes, KB, not MB), no graphics card, no hard drive, only two 360kb 5¼" floppy drives.  Yikes!    Anyhow, "Back to BASICs" is an echo of that time period.

My hobbies include computers (obviously) and homebrewing (beer, mead, cider, and formerly soft drinks and cordials).  My interests—the things I like to read about—include history, geography, and science.  I also used to play with the Society for Creative Anachronism, where I met my (now) wife and in which I served from 2006-2009 as chancellor of the West Kingdom Brewers' Guild--important work, that!  I haven't been active in some time though.

So enough about me!  Here are the links to my sites.  Check out any that interest you.

Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space
The Docking Module
(A Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space fan site)
Master of Orion
Bladrov's Palace
(A Master of Orion fan site)
Back to BASICs
(Games & other software written in old GWBASIC)
Machiavelli: The Prince
Machiavelli: the Prince
(Fan site for a game of trading and backstabbing in medieval and Renaissance Europe)
Crisis in the Kremlin
Crisis in the Kremlin
(Fan site for a political sim of the final years of the Soviet Union)
War in Middle Earth
War in Middle Earth
Shoebox Haunted House
Mom's shoebox haunted house

Old Good Stuff!
Old Good Stuff from my childhood and beyond (books, games, etc.)

The Mushroom Planet Series
The Mushroom Planet Series
Genghis Khan II
Genghis Khan II
The Soviet Union
USSR (Leon only, 1984-85)
Bahía de los Angeles
Mexico (Leon only, 1985)
Barons of Beer Ball logo
My Brewpub Tour (Leon only, 1998)
Hee Haw Valley
Hee Haw Valley
in Vista, CA
Antarctica (2002-2003)
Europe--our honeymoon (2003)

postcard    Feel free to email me with comments, questions, whatever about any of this stuff.